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Earth Matters:

a game for young citizens concerned about their home

Joana Flores


Earth Matters is a game for teenagers that guides them into knowing the qualities and coincidences that allowed for the appearance of life on planet Earth, as well as the profound changes inflicted on it by Man.


At first, players access didactic content as they go through the several levels of the game. This self-sufficient platform will provide access to all the content needed to replicate the experience completely, anytime, anywhere. In a more advanced phase, the experience is transported to the real world, where players are proposed to form groups in a face-to-face session guided by a moderator. While the online side of the platform allows for the acquisition of knowledge through digital means, the offline side al-lows for a more consolidated learning experience among peers in a playful, participatory and inclusive way. The goal is to promote a discussion among participants, about the measures that can be taken to minimize the impact that man has exerted on Earth.