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Mobiles Touches:

reconfigure our daily relationship with digital devices

Laura Lara

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Whether it's bedtime, during meals, or while driving, the overuse of digital tools has increasingly replaced the "real present” with "digital entertainment”. With all the technological advancements and all the applications at our fingertips, it's no wonder we have a hard time putting our mobile devices aside. If we are to avoid simplistic narratives that use technology as a scapegoat for a broad set of problems, we also need to reconfigure our daily relationship with digital devices. Being aware of our "digital self" will allow us to improve our habits according to our personal priorities and values, given the resources available in the digital ecosystem.


Mobile Touches addresses the habits of digital dependency. From a set of questions meant to stimu-late a personal evaluation, the user provides data regarding personal digital practices. This data generates a diagnosis, and it will eventually alert the user of a possible technology addiction. Users interested in changing their behavior are also invited to subscribe and receive ten proposals by email which promise to rebalance the routine that leads to digital dependence.

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