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To think what we are doing

Vanessa Vilela

Mobile App

All that we cannot see is beyond our control and our online behavior is no exception. We respond to stimuli that guide us to constantly use mobile devices, given as an extension of ourselves or mediators between physical and virtual spaces. Taking into account the current logic of the attention economy, where we see unbridled competition between individuals and organizations to earn our time, Umn seeks to make visible a path that is naturally ignored: the time a typical user spends on digital devices.


As a digital behavior meter, Umn aims to invoke individual reflection by alluding to the ephemerality of human life and the importance of making conscious choices. In this way it seeks to be a contribution to the question: Will we be able to adopt a more conscious online behavior, by stating a personal vision, capable of keeping us more human?


The application provides real-time data regarding time spent on screen and unlock count. It also confronts the user with the remaining lifetime, whenever personal usage limits are exceeded. By setting daily consumption limits, goals, and presenting a general perception of progress, the application promotes more conscious behavior, making the use of technology a choice rather than a simple response to stimulus.