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What’s on your mind, Doe?

Beatriz Sapata


Through data shared on social networks, it is possible to automatically and accurately predict a series of personal attributes that the user usually assumes as private. What's on your mind, Doe? is based on the premise that we exponentially disclose personal information online and allow it to be collected and used by various organizations.


What's on your mind, Doe? targets millennials, the first generation to recognize the importance of social networks and enable their expansion. Based on Facebook's likes, it invites users to voluntarily provide information so that their psychological profile can be calculated (defined by personality identification, intelligence, satisfaction, among others). During the course, the user has the opportunity to ignore or act before a set of alerts on the legitimacy of the application, which uses the data entered for other purposes. The project also raises a set of collateral issues: what do we actually share voluntarily? As some practices persist, to whom does the data belong: to the users or to the companies that manage the services? Is it our inability to control the generated information, or what is called “rational ignorance” consciously nurtured by data communication strategies?

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